The Confession of Lily Dare
Off Bway, Primary Stages

Reviewed by Regina Robbins

BOTTOM LINE: One of the best to ever do it, Charles Busch can't stop, won't stop putting on dresses and lovingly sending up the cinematic insanities of yesteryear.

First, my own confession: As a fan of old movies and classic queer comedy, I was primed to enjoy The Confession of Lily Dare going in. That said, the latest laugh riot by Charles Busch has so much going for it—delicious dialogue, a pitch-perfect supporting cast, a parade of opulent costumes, and Busch himself—that anyone who leaves not having had a good time is possibly just allergic to fun...

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Finding Fellini
(Off Off Broadway, Solo Show)
Review by Emily Cordes

BOTTOM LINE: Evocative of the films that inspired it, Finding Fellini chronicles one woman’s search for her cinematic idol.

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(Off Broadway, Classic Stage)
Review by Asya Gorovits

BOTTOM LINE: Kate Hamill’s feminist adaptation of the Gothic classic gives a voice to put-upon wives.

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Anatomy of a Suicide
(Off Broadway, Atlantic Theater)
Review by Lexi Orphanos

BOTTOM LINE: Alice Birch's new play bleeds three generations of women together to examine transgenerational trauma, and how we might protect ourselves from it.

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The Sabbath Girl
(Off Broadway, 59E59 Theaters)
Review by Eleanor J. Bader

BOTTOM LINE: Orthodox Jewish man meets Shiksa Goddess. Predictable crisis follows.

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Happy Birthday Doug
(Off Broadway, Soho Playhouse)
Review by Dan Dinero

BOTTOM LINE: Both a scathing take-down and sweet celebration of white gay male culture, Happy Birthday Doug is an uproarious gathering of immediately familiar people whom you’ve never met.

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The Medea of Euripides
(Off Off Bway, Theater for the New City)
Review by Eleanor J. Bader

BOTTOM LINE: An inventive, stylized, and sympathetic take on one woman's desperation and fury, dual emotions that repeatedly collide throughout Euripides' 2400-year-old play.

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